Neutrality Monument, 2011

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Built on the skirts of Kopet Mountains in the south of Ashgabat, Neutrality Monument was designed to keep the neutrality statute of the Turkmen State alive in the minds of the future generations. The monument's design has been inspired by tagan, a tripod symbolizing firmness in the minds of Turkmens. The neutrality statute of Turkmenistan as endorsed by United Nations on 12.12.1995 is symbolized by 95 meter tall body of the monument and 12 meter tall statue placed on top of it. At the feet of the monument, there are relieves representing the unity of the Turkmen people and the friendship between different regions, and depicting the significant events on Turkmen soil throughout different eras and scenes from Turkmen people's daily lives. On the monument there are also carpet patterns symbolizing the 5 provinces of the country. There are horizontal elevators between the feet and there is also one panoramic elevator that goes up to the observation terrace. The inner part of the monument also houses a Neutrality Museum displaying the development and progress of Turkmen world, humanistic principles of Turkmen people, spectacular history of its ancestors, and their conception of the freedom and independence.