Ankara, Turkiye

Project of Dikmen Valley Housing and Environment Development takes place in between Dikmen and Ayrancı-Çankaya improved land inside South Ankara Civic Development Area. North border of the area is defined with Çetin Emeç Avenue and down to the south meets with Legislators Site, Diplomatic Site, Çal Mountain Recreation Area and ODTÜ Forest – Eymir Lake green system. “Dikmen Valley 3rd Stage” project area which is actualized is approximately 30 hectares. The main objective of the project is to actualize prestige housing development projects by protecting the rights of squatters and to create a social, cultural and recreational corridor to take place within wide, green and open areas. A bridge of pedestrian and vehicle with a length of 200 m has been designed which shall connect Ayrancı side to Dikmen. Besides connecting two sides to each other from upper code the bridge shall give the opprtunity to view the valley as panoramic from upper codes also. With its architectural structure and location shall stand for to be one of the symbol constructions of Ankara. After implementation of the project, ponds and pools, carnival areas, village for children, play grounds, tropical plant conservatory, resting areas, restaurants, social centers, entertaintment centers..etc...shall be involved within the complex.   Dikmenweb