Awaza Convention Center, 2011

Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan

The Awaza Convention Center whose construction began in Awaza region of Turkmenistan in November 2012 was constructed in September 2015 within 34 months. The Awaza Convention Center sits on a total area of 185,000 m2 with an indoor area of 52,700 m2, and includes 9 floors excluding the basement. Center consists 2 conference halls with 2,000 & 476 seats, one banquet hall with a capacity of 450 persons and another with a capacity of 256, and a press conference hall with a capacity of 128 persons. The convention center also houses a 130-capacity multipurpose meeting room for the heads of states, a hall for signing bilateral protocols, and a meeting hall for government delegations. The Awaza Convention Center also hosts 6 smaller conference halls with 30 to 100 person capacity for holding special events, as well as a 100-capacity reception hall and 6 special office rooms for the heads of states. The President of Turkmenistan  also has special offices in the Convention Center.